Google Local Pack: What It Is?

Google Local Pack: What It Is?

Whenever you search for a local service online, Google displays a map in the organic SERP results without prompting you to click again.

This block is known as Google Map Pack, one of the most visually appealing items on the SERP for local searches. As more people search locally, ranking in Map Pack becomes increasingly crucial. According to surveys, 21% of customers use the Internet to seek local companies daily, with 35% doing so numerous times weekly.

It also revealed that 59% of buyers prefer to visit stores to examine things they are interested in, even if they intend to purchase online. This is why it’s critical to make it easy for Internet customers to find your physical business.

The Google Local Pack affects businesses that provide services inside a defined region, such as plumbing, repair, and delivery. Local businesses include restaurants, dentists, and hair salons.

Given the Local Finder’s position on the top SERP, we usually overlook the organic results. The block provides us with all of the necessary information.

Read on to find out what the Local 3-Pack is. 

What is Google Local Pack?

The Local 3-Pack is a SERP feature that looks like a map and provides locations relevant to your query. It also shows a three-point list of companies with their NAP information (name, address, phone number, etc.). This feature often displays in the SERP when a user searches for a local intent or service.

It also shows when the user specifies the location by typing something like “barber shop near me” or “best SEO consultant near [city].” Results from inquiries like this usually show local companies that match the search query and are close to the user’s present location.

Aside from filters and the map, the Google Map Pack shows a list of companies, including their NAP information, review ratings, office hours, and photographs. Users can contact the firm, visit its website, and obtain instructions. 

For hotels and motels, you’ll see a block that differs from the Google Local Map Pack. It contains pricing, user reviews, and brief descriptions, but no connections to websites or instructions. Instead, consumers may verify the business’s availability for certain dates and quantity of visitors.

Google’s recent upgrades have made it simpler to browse hotels on mobile. Each site is presented in a narrative style, allowing you to scroll through images, save the spot, learn more about the region, and read customer comments. When you’re looking for attractions on your vacation, Google Local Pack recommends alternative things to do in the same area. 

So, while the Local 3-Pack is the most popular, it is not the only choice available when searching for a localized business.

Google’s Local 3-Pack has an internal ranking method. Simply listing your company on the map will not push it to the top of the search results. And if your firm lacks hits and comments, it may disappear from the block completely.

The Google Map Pack is a very prominent and attention-grabbing element, so you should understand which of your keywords cause it to appear.

How is Google Local Pack Different from Organic SERPs?

The Google Local Pack and organic search results are both included on the search engine results page. However, the Local Pack frequently shows above the organic results, occupies the majority of the screen, and is the first item that draws the user’s attention.

Here are a few differences to consider:

  • The Local 3-Pack displays a map and company information, but organic SERPs can have a variety of content kinds, including news articles, videos, and photographs. It does not display a map but does provide connections to several pages relevant to the user’s search query.
  • The Local 3-Pack is location-specific. This implies that when a user searches for anything with local intent, it returns results that are geographically close to the user’s present location or the place indicated in the search. Organic results are relevance-based, with results displayed based on how closely they fit the user’s search query.

    The search query here may also include navigational purposes, but the search engine will take into account additional variables such as expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, sometimes known as EAT. Recently, Google added another E to this abbreviation, resulting in E-E-A-T. This new letter represents experience, namely user experience and the author’s own knowledge of the subject.
  • The Local 3-Pack contains a restricted amount of results, whereas organic SERPs might display many result pages.

The Google Local Pack and organic SERPs also have distinct ranking factors. When improving their local profiles and websites, users must consider these factors. We’ll go over this in one of the upcoming parts, so keep reading to learn more.

Summing Up

If you own a local business, you’ll want to do everything you can to rank high on Google’s local SERP and in the Google Map Pack. It is one of the most obvious SERP characteristics, and if you play your cards well, you may have your company listed in the block.

You may accomplish this naturally by improving your website and Google Business Profile listings. We hope you find our local SEO advice useful, and we urge you to use them. Also, offer feedback on your achievement to inspire other SEO aficionados.


1. What is the Google Local Pack and How Does It Appear in Search Results?

The Google Local Pack is a significant feature in search results that shows a list of local companies that match a user’s query. It often appears as a collection of three company entries, each with important information such as address, phone number, ratings, and reviews to help customers discover local services quickly.

2. How Does Google Determine Which Businesses Appear in the Local Pack?

Google selects the companies that appear in the Local Pack based on a variety of criteria, including relevancy, distance, and prominence. Relevance relates to how well a business fits the user’s query, whilst distance indicates the firm’s closeness to the user’s location. Prominence takes into account the business’s overall popularity and repute.

3. What Information Is Included in the Google Local Pack for Each Business?

The Google Local Pack includes critical information for each company listing, such as the name, location, phone number (NAP), website URL, ratings, reviews. In some cases, extra features like business hours, images, and a link to directions. This extensive information allows consumers to swiftly analyze and pick local businesses.

4. How Can Businesses Improve Their Visibility and Ranking in the Local Pack?

Businesses can improve their visibility and ranking in the Local Pack by providing accurate and up-to-date information on their Google My Business (GMB) profile. Encouraging positive reviews and ratings from satisfied customers, ensuring consistent NAP data across online directories. Implementing local SEO strategies such as keyword optimization and local link building.

5. Does the Google Local Pack Display Differently on Mobile vs. Desktop Searches?

Yes, the Google Local Pack may appear differently in mobile and desktop searches. On mobile devices, the Local Pack is frequently displayed at the top of the search results. However on desktops, it might be found on the right-hand side or within the main search results. Mobile Local Packs may also have fewer entries owing to screen space constraints.

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