How Many Backlinks Should a Website Have?

How Many Backlinks Should a Website Have?

Everyone wants to know what it takes to be ranked number one on Google.

The issue is that there is much too much contradicting SEO information on the internet. Finding effective backlink tactics might feel like a losing battle.

Because backlinks are one of the most significant components of SEO, this article will attempt to address the issue of how many backlinks are required to obtain the top rank.

There is no secret formula that can tell us how many backlinks your website requires to rank first. Instead, there are a variety of modifiable elements that might assist organizations in determining what it takes. 

Are you eager to learn how many backlinks your website requires to rank on page one? Continue reading below! 

How many backlinks should a website have?

a. Your Website’s Niche

Some market segments are more competitive than others. 

For example, the SEO field is brimming with professional practitioners who all know exactly how to rank at the top of Google. As a result, the SEO niche is one of the toughest to rank in.

Other categories, such as florists or pet items, are less competitive. As a result, the quantity of backlinks necessary for those websites will fluctuate greatly from what is required to be at the top of the SEO specialty. 

If a company genuinely understands its niche and how competitive it is in terms of SEO, it should have a good notion of how many are required. High backlinks are required in highly competitive categories.

b. Homepage Brand Trust

Homepages are the core of your site, and handling homepage SEO correctly is the key to laying a solid foundation that may lead to a page one ranking.

If you don’t establish adequate brand trust on your site, the remainder of your SEO efforts will be difficult and highly unsatisfactory.

How many homepage backlinks does a website need to build brand trust?

Building brand trust is actually quite straightforward. Create consistent backlinks to your homepage using branded anchors. When you look at major companies (or websites that dominate the SERPs), you will notice a consistent trend.

They all have a lot of links pointing to their homepage, and 85%-95% of those links include one of the following as the anchor text: their brand name, their URL, or their URL spelled as “”

Furthermore, they make or create these connections on a regular basis. This allows them to remain relevant. These are the indicators that a website is a reputable brand on Google.

So, what does this have to do with determining the number of backlinks required to rank?

Pages in the top ten of Google distinguish themselves from the competition by excelling in one or more of the following: homepage brand trust, content, and backlinks.

c. How Niche-Specific Is Your Website

Building a website that is particularly niche-specific is one technique to achieve ranks with 70% fewer connections than rivals. This is a website that focuses solely on one issue. 

There is, for example, a distinction between a general home improvement website and one that specializes in plumbing. 

If the plumbing website fills that niche with excellent content, it will be able to rank for plumbing-related keywords with far fewer connections than a broad home improvement website.

A website’s specialty might be as specific as it wants to be. Sites designed to address exclusively hot water heaters rather than all plumbing issues will rank higher for hot water heater-related key keywords.

Google favors niche-specific sites that cover the entirety of a particular topic. Remember that the more specific you are, the more dense your audience will be.

d. Is Your Page A Power Page Or Sub-Page

A power page is a page on your website that is (mainly) non-promotional, content-heavy (2,000+ words), and delves in-depth to address an issue for your target audience. It’s your best work.

Why is it vital to distinguish between an ordinary sub-page and a power page on your website?

A 3,000-word blog instructing you how to install your own hot water heater, on the other hand, may naturally have 100 hyperlinks.

In this circumstance, businesses may still strive to rank their sub-pages by first developing backlinks to the homepage and power pages and then internally connecting to service pages from the power pages. That is a natural method of passing SEO juice.

e. How Natural Is Your Backlink Profile?

Almost all of your homepage links must have branded anchors, and all of your links must come from legitimate websites. 

But what about your landing pages?

Some organizations are so desperate to rank for a specific key term that they will construct a large number of exact match anchor backlinks. However, this is a tremendous error. 

Google expects less than 10% of backlinks in a top-ranked backlink profile to have exact match anchors. So, what should the backlinks look like?

Natural anchors, blended anchors, and exact match anchors should be used in your backlinks. 

Natural anchor texts are anchor texts that lack essential terms. It would include your business name, the whole URL of the page to which you are connecting, and random words such as “click here” or “this article.”

Blended anchors are anchor texts that include all or part of your key phrase as well as other terms. If your key term was “wedding rings,” for example, a blended anchor could be “a good selection of wedding rings.”

When you employ your key phrase by itself, you are using exact match anchors.

You’ll need roughly 60% natural anchors, 35% blended anchors, and 5% exact match anchors to make your profile seem natural. (Note: Because Google’s algorithm is always changing, these figures will fluctuate.)

Master Your Backlink Strategy To Rank!

So, how many backlinks does a website require? As you can undoubtedly imagine, the solution to this question is complex. There are several elements that influence whether or not a certain website will rank for a keyword

However, a few things are known. As long as you do it ethically, you may get as many backlinks as you like per month. Google, on the other hand, prioritizes quality above quantity.

Backlinks from reputable sources can help you expand rapidly, but smaller backlinks are required for sustained growth. A proper mix of links from various sources is your key to success if you want to master SEO and your backlink strategy.

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