10 Simple Methods to Track and Check Your Search Position

10 Simple Methods to Track and Check Your Search Position

You have a lovely website with wonderful material to provide, but are people discovering it and visiting it? Even with the development of social media, organic search remains a critical driver of website traffic and is not going away anytime soon. That is why it is critical to boost your search engine position so that people may discover you more easily than your competition. That is the goal of search engine optimization.

Whether you know the fundamentals of SEO or this is your first post, this list will provide you with a game plan for improving your search engine rankings.

So, if you’re still wondering, “How do I improve my search rankings?” continue reading.

How do I check my Google rankings?

It’s a good idea to install and utilize these website tools before you begin. It is critical to keep track of your development and existing triumphs. To improve visitors, examine every part of your website.

a. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a completely free tracking tool. It can be pretty difficult, but there are numerous reports available with only a few clicks that could be very useful. The Channels report will show you how your organic traffic compares to all other website traffic.

google analytics

You can simply delve further into this data by clicking on ‘Organic Search‘ to check what pages people are seeing on Google (Landing Page). Unfortunately, the majority of terms will appear as (not given). Google Search Console can help with this.

b. Google Search Console

While Google Analytics will not provide you with numerous individual terms that users search for, Google Search Console will. The Google Search Console can provide you with information about your organic search ranking. This means you can check how each page on your website ranks for certain keywords searched on Google by people. The dashboard will also notify you if your site has any technical difficulties that may negatively impact your organic search results.

c. Google Rank Check

Track your keyword progress using the Google Rank Check web app. Monitor, assess, and improve search rankings with ease. You can remain ahead of the competition by using their easy Rank Tracker feature. They provide up-to-the-minute and reliable ranking data.

google rank check

One of Google Rank Check’s most essential characteristics is its 100% accurate data, which means you may acquire dependable and up-to-date information with its daily automated updates. Refresh your rank tracker to get the most recent rankings.

Google Rank Check stands apart from multi-device rank tracking. It can monitor keyword rankings across many search engines and locations for PCs, tablets, and smartphones. You can evaluate, compare, and optimize website performance in desktop and mobile searches. 


Now that you have a better understanding of how your material is functioning, let’s move on to the action items for your website. We could give limitless ideas and tactics, but we’ve narrowed it down to 10 strategies to improve your search ranking.

  1. Keyword Research

To discover the optimal goals for each page on your website, use search data and analyze your competition. Start with the pages that have the most material and are useful to your clients, depending on the size of your website and the resources you have available.

Choose the terms you want your pages to rank well for. The pages you select should have a clear message that is focused on a single subject.

  1. Create content that others want to read

You are the most knowledgeable in your field. Create useful content that incorporates keywords and synonyms to help Google and other search engines find your website. Include your keywords throughout the website to increase your search engine rating, but don’t overdo it. Check that it is still legible for your visitors. 

  1. To assist search engines and people, title your page

The title tag, or meta title, is interpreted by search engines as an essential signal of what the website is about. Because your title tag is also the blue link that everyone sees on a search engine results page and contains the keywords that visitors search for. This title is distinct from the bold heading that everyone sees on your website, which is often the heading tag mentioned in the following step. As a consequence, if it aids in increasing clicks, you can create one headline for the search engine results page and a separate heading for your webpage.

serp result
  1. Use Alt Tags with all your images

Images visually support the page’s message. Users adore them, and search engines do as well. As a result, include descriptive (keyword-rich) ALT tags for all of your photographs. Alt tags also help to make your website accessible, which may help you avoid copyright issues.

  1. Build pages with HTML header tags

The page’s initial heading, or H1 tag, is the most essential. The H1 element is often the first thing a website visitor reads. Header tags are frequently used for styling, but they should be used for content organization. One of the most effective techniques to boost search engine ranking is to employ subheadings. Heading tags carry more weight in search engines than standard prose and make it easier for users to browse the page.

  1. Add internal links

Internal linking is the process of picking a phrase and creating a hyperlink to the blog post or page being referenced. These links will entice some readers to visit your other pages, but more significantly, search engines will scan these connections as well. Anchor text refers to the terms that you hyperlink. This provides context to the user and search engines about the website you link to; thus, it is critical to utilize useful keywords in the hyperlink.

It is preferable to create an internal linking strategy that aggregates and cross-references all of your site’s fantastic content. This might be difficult yet beneficial in terms of search engine rankings.

  1. Give clear and crisp URLs

Don’t let the page URL pass you by; don’t allow it to happen to you! Keyword research should also be applied to the URLs. If you use a CMS such as WordPress, the page name will appear in the URL. Check the URL and the name of the page before launching it. You may edit it with the keywords you discovered in step 2. If you’ve already published the page, be sure to redirect visitors from the old to the new.

  1. Avoid duplicate content

Search engines want fresh, original information. Find any duplicate material and make it significantly distinct, or eliminate it. There is no benefit to repeating yourself, and Google will penalize you for it.

You may inform search engines that you purposefully replicated a page by utilizing a canonical URL. If you require them, the Yoast plugin for WordPress makes it simple to give canonical URLs to pages.

  1. Mobile- responsive design and page speed

It’s no secret that mobile consumers are increasingly visiting your website. Make certain that your website is mobile-friendly. Optimize the graphics, code, and text to ensure that each page loads quickly. Slow websites will lose visitors, and search engines will notice. As a result, having a quick website will boost your search engine rating. When it comes to how to make your website rank, you need exceptional content, but website design and development are vital.

  1. Create an XML Sitemap and monitor crawl errors

1. Crawl errors and warnings

Search engines scan webpages by following links on pages. Keep an eye out for faults or broken links and correct them or establish redirects to give your site the best chance of ranking well. You may discover free broken link checkers on Google.

2. Submit sitemap

Submitting a sitemap will help search engines index pages more quickly. If you validated the Google Search Console for your site in the preceding stage, you can now submit your sitemap to Google. You may also submit a sitemap to Bing’s webmaster tools dashboard.

End Note

If you can check off all 10 elements on this list, your website is probably already ranking highly. If not, any of these will help you enhance your search engine rating. At Google Rank Check, we can assist you in getting started on this list or taking your SEO to the next level with our sophisticated SEO services.

It takes effort and determination to get high search engine results using efficient SEO tactics. What’s holding you back now that you’ve devised a strategy?

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