Overlooked SEO Metrics For Growth: A Guide!

Overlooked SEO Metrics For Growth: A Guide!

Are you tired of preparing the same SEO reports that include the basic KPIs that your clients expect?

SEO is one of the most important sources of traffic, thus content stays king. Businesses continue to utilize a variety of SEO strategies to boost organic traffic, since they are one of the most effective ways to naturally increase authority and brand recognition.

However, with the tremendous increase in SEO investment, competition has grown tough. If you want to stay ahead, you must pay attention to distinct analytics. Integrate them into your SEO statistics to amaze your clients and keep them ahead of the competition.

Continue reading to discover about the most crucial underestimated SEO metrics and how they affect website ranking.

What is an SEO Metric Report?

An SEO metric report “is a short and concise data-driven document that provides an overview of the organic performance of a website in the search engines.”

It is an effective technique to provide relevant insights and the ROI of SEO work through an easy-to-read spreadsheet to your customer, company (or yourself).

This report monitors your SEO efforts and often contains the following metrics:

  • Top ranking keywords
  • Top landing pages
  • Top converting pages
  • Site authority
  • Organic traffic
  • Organic clicks
  • Impressions
  • CTR
  • Conversion rate
  • Backlinks

Overlooked SEO Metrics

  1. Brand Search Metrics

Good branding helps customers remember your company, which enhances the likelihood of their returning for additional items or services from you. This is not a simple task, but SEO metrics may assist significantly.

There are several methods for assessing brand awareness, and many marketers monitor SEO indicators that point to it.

Brand keyword ranking is frequently included in the report as a regular statistic. Even though it indicates the total number of keywords a website ranks for, it is critical to distinguish between brand and non-brand keywords. That way, you’ll obtain a more accurate view of your non-brand keyword ranking, whereas brand keywords tell a different narrative.

On the other hand, if the search traffic is flat or declining, it’s essential to investigate the most recent brand awareness growth patterns. Implement them into your client’s marketing plan and utilize SEO metrics to monitor success over time.

  1. Average Position and Keyword Reach

Many SEO marketers claim good rankings for a certain group of keywords. Unfortunately, they frequently neglect the value of keyword reach. It’s also crucial to rank for a variety of keywords, which will help your clients access a larger number of prospective visitors.

That is why you must pay attention to the range of keywords and the position.

When you open Google Search Console, look at the overall keyword count. It displays all the keywords for which your website’s content ranks in the top 100 results in Google SERPs.

  1. Top Performing Pages in Comparison to Competitors

Top-performing pages are an essential component of any thorough SEO report. However, you may always go one step further to amaze your clients.

Even if your client is at the top of the rankings, you should always keep an eye on what your rivals are doing. You get to observe what techniques companies used to stay competitive.

Aside from assessing their page’s appearance, structure, and content, examine their keyword ranking. In addition, review their backlink profile.

Writing detailed reports can help your clients learn from their competition and discover areas for development. They may utilize the data to maintain their sites at the top of the SERPs by consistently providing greater value to their visitors.

  1. Search Value Traffic

Search traffic value is one of the most significant indicators that any SEO report should include. It’s the ideal technique to demonstrate the true benefit of an SEO effort.

Traffic value is a measure that indicates how much money you’d need to spend on PPC advertising to receive the same quantity of traffic to your website. Ranking for these “money keywords” is extremely difficult because thousands of firms compete for them.

However, if you can get one of your clients to rank for such a term, their SEO traffic worth will quickly increase. 

Including this SEO metric in a report will assist your customer in determining the ROI of their content strategy.

  1. Engagement Metrics

Engagement provides a detailed picture of a website’s user activity. While many marketers include bounce rates in their SEO reports, they overlook other important facts like top departure pages, duration on site, and other page views.

These measurements demonstrate a website’s strengths and weaknesses:

  • Top exit pages — This measure displays a website’s exit points, allowing you to plan an actionable approach to improve the performance of these pages.
  • Time on site — An overview of time on site is another indicator that indicates whether your ranking corresponds to the user goal. The longer people stay on your website, the better.
  • Other page visits — Page visits are an excellent depiction of a customer’s journey across a website. It reveals a lot about how users explore your website.

Make these interaction indicators a normal component of your SEO report. Your clients may utilize the data to better understand their site layout and implement additional tools such as heat maps to gain a deeper insight into their users’ behavior.

Making additional refinements becomes easier because each decision is based on plentiful real facts.

  1. Number of Indexed Pages

In an ideal world, the number of indexed pages would increase linearly, and we are getting there.

Meanwhile, you may use the graph to see how many indexed pages your site has and how well it’s growing. Alternatively, if the number of indexed pages visible on the Google search result page begins to decrease although you have not deleted any pages from your site, it suggests that something is wrong.

  1. Total Number of Backlinks

It goes without saying that creating high-quality backlinks increases your search exposure. You want to ensure that your overall number of backlinks grows consistently. As you evaluate the data, you may see a correlation with the rising average position, which would not be a coincidence.

Concluding Thoughts on SEO Metrics

To generate engaging SEO reports that distinguish you from other content marketers, you must be extremely detail-oriented. Aside from the usual SEO metrics, it is vital to highlight other metrics that might have a major influence on SEO performance.

Taking that method will allow you to provide greater outcomes for your clients, leading to future opportunities to work with more of them. Stay creative and use a variety of tools to develop intelligible SEO metrics reports that stand out and make your approach genuinely distinctive.


a. What Are Overlooked SEO Metrics and Why Are They Important for Growth?

Overlooked SEO metrics are often secondary indicators of website performance, such as dwell time, organic click-through rate, and branded search volume. While not as prominent as ranking position or traffic, these metrics provide valuable insights into user engagement, relevance, and brand authority, crucial for sustainable growth and optimization strategies.

b. Which SEO Metrics Are Often Overlooked and How Can They Impact Website Success?

Often overlooked SEO metrics include organic click-through rate, dwell time, and branded search volume. While less visible than rankings or traffic, they indicate user engagement, content relevance, and brand recognition, crucial for improving search visibility, user experience, and ultimately, website success and conversions.

c. How Can I Identify and Track Overlooked SEO Metrics to Improve Website Performance?

To identify and track overlooked SEO metrics, utilize tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and third-party SEO software. Focus on metrics like organic click-through rate, dwell time, and branded search volume. Regularly monitor these metrics to gauge performance, identify areas for improvement, and refine optimization strategies for enhanced website performance.

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