SEO vs. CRO: Why Should They Go Together?

SEO vs. CRO: Why Should They Go Together?

People frequently conceive of search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization as two distinct tactics. But are they? You might be shocked at how much SEO and CRO overlap—and how they collaborate to produce results.

In 2024 and beyond, SEO and CRO should work together. Want to learn more about SEO vs. CRO and why both should be part of your marketing strategy?

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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving web pages to improve their placement in search engine results, resulting in greater traffic from visitors searching for related keywords. SEO works by ensuring that a website’s content is relevant to the words being searched for and that the site outperforms its competitors in terms of loading speed and mobile friendliness. 

It also includes improving the website’s structure, coding, and navigation. In other words, SEO guarantees that a website is more accessible for search engines and users to grasp and locate what they are looking for.

What is CRO?

CRO raises the percentage of people that complete a targeted activity on a website or application. This might range from signing up for a newsletter to completing an online transaction.

CRO efforts are focused on improving all components that contribute to conversions rather than merely aiming to improve total traffic numbers. The objective is to maximize the value of each website visitor by improving their chances of taking the desired action.

CRO tests and analyzes several areas of a website or application, including content, design, layout, and user experience. It also considers how people interact with online sites. Data analysis allows CRO specialists to assess which parts are effective and which require improvement.

CRO is an essential component of every digital marketing strategy since it maximizes the value of each website visitor, resulting in more conversions and a greater ROI.

SEO and CRO !

By doing CRO and testing several versions of a website, we can uncover the characteristics that consumers find appealing and optimize our sites appropriately.

There is a frequent misperception that CRO is harmful for SEO. While there are certain high-level dangers that we will explore later, there are several reasons why integrating CRO with SEO is not only a successful approach, but it can also produce bottom-line income for your business. When CRO and SEO are coupled, organizations may reap considerable benefits:

  • Improved User Experience

CRO and SEO may both help to improve the user experience on a website. Businesses may determine which design components, style, or text perform best for their target audience by testing several versions of their website. Optimizing a website for search intent guarantees that consumers get what they’re searching for when they search for relevant terms, resulting in a better user experience.

With a great user experience, consumers remain on websites longer and do not bounce back to Google rankings, sending Google negative signals that your website did not meet their needs.

  • Increased Conversion Rates

CRO improves conversion rates by improving a website’s design and user experience. Furthermore, SEO guarantees that the website ranks for the relevant terms that visitors look for, resulting in increased quality traffic.

These techniques, when combined, have the potential to boost conversion rates and, eventually, corporate income. Similarly, improved conversion rates indicate to search engines that people are getting what they are looking for, and the site should rank higher.

  • Improved Search Rankings

Optimizing a website for search intent can result in higher search engine ranks. By ensuring that a website’s content matches user intent, search engines will perceive it as an authoritative source and rank it higher in the SERPs.

Similarly, CRO-driven enhancements to user experience, content layout, and design may help improve material that is already appropriately optimized for relevant keywords in organic search. CRO assistance may therefore frequently be useful in increasing the organic ranking potential of content.

  • Cost- Effective

CRO and SEO are both low-cost techniques with high ROI. Businesses may improve the user experience of their website by finding the design aspects that perform best for their target demographic. Furthermore, SEO guarantees that the website ranks for relevant keywords, resulting in increased quality visitors without the need for costly advertising initiatives.

CRO and SEO are critical principles that businesses should incorporate into their digital marketing strategies. Combining CRO with SEO may be an effective technique for improving sales. By understanding user intent and testing various versions of our sites, we can optimize to give the information that people want while also encouraging them to take action.

SEO & CRO Case Study: Why Amazon Ranks and Converts so Well ?

Let’s look at an example.

I routinely use Amazon as an SEO and CRO benchmark for my ecommerce customers. Amazon’s content, in addition to being a highly authoritative website, is fascinating and valuable to searchers; hence, Amazon sites frequently score highly in Google searches. In addition, Amazon sites have aspects intended to boost conversions.

Consider this: What drives you to buy something on Amazon that you have never bought before? Perhaps some of the items mentioned below:

  1. Videos of the product
  2. Q&As about the product
  3. Product reviews and product reviews with images
  4. Knowledge and trust of Amazon’s checkout and security
  5. Free shipping
  6. Fast ship time
  7. Clear images
  8. An accurate description

Amazon ranks and converts by developing excellent, engaging content and giving users all of the information they need to make an informed purchase.

Now Let’s Go Optimizing

If you want to reach and convert leads, you need combine SEO and CRO strategies. However, optimizing a website to rank in Google results and convert site visitors takes effort and skilled knowledge.

Google Rank Check understands what it takes to increase rankings and conversions. Over the previous five years, we have generated 7.8 million leads and $3 billion in revenue for our clients. If you want to increase sales from your SEO efforts, contact us now for a free content and conversion study!


  1. What is the Difference Between SEO and CRO, and How Do They Work Together?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) focuses on improving a website’s visibility in search engine results and driving organic traffic. On the other hand, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) targets enhancing user actions on a site, optimizing for conversions.

While SEO attracts visitors, CRO ensures those visitors take the desired actions. Together, they form a powerful strategy—SEO brings traffic, and CRO maximizes the value of that traffic by optimizing the user experience for conversions.

  1. Why is Combining SEO and CRO Important for Website Performance?

Combining SEO and CRO is crucial for holistic website performance. SEO attracts relevant traffic, boosting visibility in search engines. CRO ensures this traffic translates into meaningful actions, such as conversions.

Together, they optimize the entire user journey—from discovery to action—resulting in enhanced user experience, increased conversions, and improved search engine rankings. This integration maximizes the effectiveness of website strategies, delivering a seamless and impactful online presence.

  1. How Can SEO Enhance CRO and Vice Versa?

SEO enhances CRO by driving targeted traffic through optimized content and improved visibility. High-quality, relevant traffic increases the likelihood of conversions. Conversely, CRO can improve SEO by optimizing on-site elements, reducing bounce rates, and enhancing user experience, which positively impacts search rankings.

The synergy between SEO and CRO ensures a streamlined user journey, from discovery to conversion, ultimately boosting website performance and achieving overarching business goals.

  1. What Common Challenges Arise When Trying to Balance SEO and CRO Objectives?

Balancing SEO and CRO objectives can pose challenges, such as potential conflicts in keyword usage for optimization and conversion-focused language. Striking the right balance between content that appeals to search engines and resonates with users can be intricate.

Additionally, optimizing for conversions might involve design changes that could impact SEO elements. Finding harmony requires careful coordination to ensure both SEO and CRO goals are met without compromising the overall user experience.

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