What is “Zero Click Searches?” How To Get Value From It?

What is “Zero Click Searches?” How To Get Value From It?

Zero-click searches have become more frequent in recent years. Search Engine Journal specialists estimate that zero-click searches account for over one-third of all desktop searches and more than half of all smartphone searches.

If Google’s search engine result pages contain the information a user is looking for, the user may leave without clicking on any of the results. With zero-click searches on the rise, you should tailor your website to reach such consumers.

What is “Zero Click Searches” how zero-click results might affect your SEO strategy and website traffic. And we’ll provide some suggestions for individuals who wish to optimize their website for zero-click searches.

What are Zero Click Searches?


Zero-click searches are search engine results that allow consumers to acquire information without having to click through to a website. Jumpshot found that around 50% of searches terminate without clicking on an organic search result.

Overall, development of zero-click searches can be ascribed to search engines’ ongoing attempts to improve user experience by providing information right on SERPs, hence eliminating the need for users to visit external websites.

Firms must focus on delivering clear, relevant content that addresses frequent user inquiries to maximize zero-click searches. Soon, they may also optimize for featured snippets, highlighted text excerpts that display at the top of Google search results, giving consumers a rapid answer to their search question. When visitors input informational search queries, more featured snippets show.

According to Search metrics research, a large amount of Google search results include featured snippets, with a featured snippet appearing in Google.com search results for 9.7% of US search queries. To attract lucrative traffic, organizations must improve their content strategy to rank for these queries, which are ‌achieved through succinct and useful snippets.

What is Zero-Click Content?

Debut of Knowledge Graph in 2012, Google began displaying a wealth of information above organic results or position zero results. Zero-click or no-click content refers to the same search result that shows at the top of a SERP

These types of content allow searchers to quickly obtain solutions to their inquiries without having to click on links or skim through blogs. 

Some Zero-Click Content Examples

  • Featured Snippet

Featured snippets are the most popular sort of zero-click content on the internet. Featured snippets come in a variety of formats, including text, table, carousel, list, and video snippets. 

These snippets are ideal for question-based questions. 

  •  Quick Answers

Quick answers are search results that provide short answers to arithmetic issues or conversions.

Consider the example below: Google provides a calculator for answering simple to relatively advanced mathematical issues.

This saves searchers time and effort from jumping from one spammy website to the next in pursuit of their inquiry. 

  • People Also Ask (PAA)

Google SERP feature that provides extra questions and short answers based on your initial search query. Typically, each question in People Also Asks includes a highlighted excerpt.

These are the inquiries that have a similar search purpose and help people learn about the issue quickly.

  • Knowledge Panel

Knowledge Panels are information boxes that assist people learn about any topic or company in a brief snapshot. These subjects are already on the knowledge graph.

Similarly, Google automatically updates the knowledge panels in response to changes in site material, it also considers modifications from two sources: the persons mentioned in the knowledge panels and public comments. 

  • Local Packs

The Local Pack is what appears in Google’s search results. It’s a vibrant, eye-catching map of the businesses and locations included in Google’s business listings. These zero-click searches can assist you improve your local SEO efforts.

How to Optimize for Zero Click Searches?

Optimizing your website’s content for zero-click searches will boost its exposure in SERPs. Secondly.these sorts of searches have grown in popularity as a result of the introduction of highlighted snippets, voice search, and other sophisticated search engine technology.

So, how do you optimize for zero-click searches?

Here are five main ways to consider:

  • Creating Content to Answer Searchers’ Questions

Understanding the user’s query intent is critical to optimizing for zero-click search. To do this, you must generate content that answers searchers’ inquiries simply and concisely. Use headers, bullet points, and lists to make your text scannable and easy to understand.

  • Keyword Research and Targeting

Keyword research is the cornerstone of every effective SEO strategy, even optimizing for zero search results. Begin by finding high-volume, long-tail keywords important to your business and ensuring that your content focuses on them. You may use SEO tools such as Google Keyword Planner to undertake extensive keyword research and target particular queries that are relevant to your company objectives.

  • Optimizing For Voice Search

Voice search is quickly becoming a popular way for consumers to search the internet, and preparing for it may help you rank better in zero-click searches. Use natural language in your material, and try to answer inquiries in a conversational tone. Also, verify that your website is mobile-friendly and loads quickly.

  • Structuring Content For Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are the crown jewel of Google’s zero-click searches. You may improve your chances of being highlighted by arranging your material precisely. Aim to answer the search question in the opening paragraph of your article, use descriptive subheadings, and incorporate tables, charts, or photos to back up your response.

  • Utilizing Schema Markup

Adding schema markup helps search engines better comprehend the material on your website. It includes extra information about your content, such as reviews, ratings, and price, which may be shown as rich snippets in the SERP. Using schema markup improves your chances of getting featured in zero-click searches.

Optimizing for zero-click searches is all about giving users the greatest possible experience. By focusing on keyword research and targeting, creating content that answers searchers’ questions, structuring content for featured snippets, optimizing for voice search, and utilizing schema markup, you can improve your chances of ranking high in zero-click searches and receiving a featured snippet of your website’s content. 

Final Thoughts

Zero-click searches are altering the way people search and expect to obtain information. Voice search queries allow users to receive answers without having to click on a website link. This has made it harder for those websites to obtain a featured snippet that lacks organized material and does not prioritize improving the user experience through no-click content. 

However, do not give up hope. There are still methods to adapt to Google’s zero-click searches, as mentioned in the blog.

Getting to position zero is challenging; staying there is even more difficult. SEO is all about finding the greatest results and then spending hours trying to exceed them.

Schedule a free consultation with our SEO agency to see how we can help you consistently rank higher by providing high-quality content that customers want.


  1. What are Zero-Click Searches?

Zero-click searches are search engine results that display at the top of the search results page. It strives to give information rapidly, eliminating the need for visitors to navigate various websites.

  1. How do zero-click searches impact SEO?

They have a substantial influence on SEO since they diminish website click-through rates, potentially leading to a decline in organic traffic. However, if your website’s content is succinct and useful, it has the potential to improve brand visibility and attract new users.

  1. Are zero-click searches the end of SEO?

No, zero-click searches do not indicate the end of SEO. While the technique changes, there are still ways to attract visitors to your website via organic search results and other digital marketing channels. 

  1. What types of queries are more likely to trigger zero-click searches?

Queries including questions, such as “What is the capital of France?” or “How do I fix a leaky faucet?” are more likely to yield zero-click results.

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